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Capiz Strategic Direction

Vibrant Economy

  • Intensification of revenue generation program
  • Formulation of provincial investment priorities plan and investment code
  • Increasing farm productivity and income through an integrated farming systems
  • Support/promotion of community-based enterprises
  • Promotion of establishment of agri-aqua based enterprises
  • Promotion and development of  entrepreneurship
  • Encourage private sector-led investment in priority areas

Healthy Capiceños

  • Service delivery
    • Information, education and communication
    • Advocacy
    • Capacity building
    • Facility improvement
    • Social mobilization
    • Resource mobilization
    • Logistics management
    • Networking
    • Monitoring and evaluation
    • Human resource development
    • Community education in disease prevention
    • Tapping of BHWs as health aides in far flung barangays
    • Maintain Capiz as a rabies-free province
  • Financing
    • Intensify campaign for PhilHealth membership in the informal sector
    • Provision of additional hospital private rooms for patients
    • Provision of additional trust fund for medical supplies
    • Client segmentation
    • Sourcing from foreign aids/grants
    • Implementation of ROI scheme
    • Conversion of two more government hospitals to economic enterprise
    • Expansion of PhilHealth benefit packages
    • Expansion of Parallel Drug Importation Program
  • Governance
    • Advocate for policy support
    • Institutionalization of Inter-Local Health Zones
    • Implementation of the Magna Carta for health workers
    • Establishment of health support systems
    • Evaluation and rationalization of personnel
    • Advocate for the mandatory budgetary allocation by LGUs within ILHZ to core referral hospital
  • Regulation
    • Strict implementation of national and local laws
    • Accreditation of PHIC’s TB-DOTS and MCP packages

Access to Quality and Relevant Education at all levels

  • Pre School
    • Provision of free school supplies for indigent grade school pupils
    • Establishment/organization of supervised neighborhood play
    • Upgrading of pre-school facilities to suit national standards
    • Organization of one locally-funded pre-school class in each district
  • Basic Education (Elementary and high school)
    • Provision of subsidy to private schools
    • Establishment of two high schools, one for each congressional district, to offer technical-vocational courses
    • Provision of support for special students
    • Decongestion of CNHS-SSTC by supporting another SSTC classes in other towns (one for each congressional district)
  • Higher Education (Tertiary)
    • Advocate for the offering of program/degree with minimum curricular content for less program expense
    • Instructional/faculty development
    • Implementation of distance education accessibility to students
    • Matching of curricular offerings with the needs of business/industry
    • Enhancement of on-the-job training on industry
  • Technical, Vocational Education & Training (TVET)
    • Implementation of mobile technology school
    • Establishment of skills and enterprise development center
    • Conduct of relevant provincial-assisted skills training
    • Establishment of technical high school
    • Coordination with TESDA for out-of-school youth and alternative learning system program
    • Institutionalization of skills training

Eco-Cultural Tourism Hub

  • Cultural mapping and profiling
  • Establishment of cultural infrastructure
  • Packaging and promotion of eco-tourism initiatives
  • Conduct of research and documentation
  • Policy advocacy
  • Recognition and support to local artists and cultural organizations
  • Strengthening of festival management
  • Empowerment of indigenous peoples communities
  • Conservation, protection and development of natural resources

Adequate Infrastructure Support System

  • Provision of production and post-harvest facilities
  • Rehabilitation of Panay and Mambusao River irrigation systems
  • Improvement of transport facilities
  • Expansion of power, water supply and communication facilities
  • Road construction and improvement
  • Construction/renovation of school buildings


  • TRANSPARENCY – upholding the Capizeños’ right to information
  • ACCOUNTABILITY – taking responsibility for the welfare of the Capizeños and the management of their resources
  • PARTICIPATION – every Capizeño is a partner in governance   
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