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A peaceful haven hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the fast-paced-city-life: Capiz owes much of its charm to a blend of its rich history and natural beauty; A captivating paradise to entice you with every turn.

Come and discover the Capiz mystic: Explore the rolling hills, mountain peaks and ranges; Enjoy daytime excursions at the province’s wide beaches or go spelunking in isolated coves; Visit local gardens, historical sites, old Spanish churches, Southeast Asia’s largest bell at Pan-ay Church, and the birthplace of Manuel A. Roxas, first Philippine President; Have a fill of a variety of seafood available all year round.

Food trip in Capiz

The Province of Capiz is known as the Seafood Capital of the Philippines due to its abundance in marine life from prawns to crabs, marlins to catfish, and mussels to angel wings (diwal). Capiz will not only excite your eyes but also your palate with delicacies that would surely make you long for more seafood.
From the Seafood Plaza of Roxas city to the farthest reach in Capiz is abundance of rich succulent delicacies that would excite any ones palate. A never ending supply of savory prawns, mud crabs and shell fish is ready for you to be devoured and enjoyed; fresh and savory, the seafood will excite your gastric juices just by the smell of them on the Grill.

Grilled, steamed, stew, fried, dried smoked or even raw; you will surely have fun in the myriad ways of enjoying seafood with a taste like no other. But that’s not all. From the upland areas of the province are plenty of naturally grown “native” chickens and vegetables which the locals cook in a countless number of ways to fire up those taste buds.
The province is also filled with snack food like “suman”, “Baye-Baye”, “bibiingka” and a whole lot more.
Join in with the locals in street dances of such festivals as the “Sinadya sa Halaran” festival of Roxas City, or the “Guyum-guyuman” festival of Pontevedra.

Accommodations in cottages, hotels, and resorts are available in Roxas City and other municipalities outside the city.

Experience Capiz and get to know the province at the heart of Philippines

Enjoy Seafoods in Capiz, Philippines

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